Hailing from Crete, home of the enigmatic ancient civilization of the Minoans, multi-disciplinary artist and aesthetic chameleon Evangelia VS aka Abyss X demonstrates virtuosity in experimental cross-genre composition by crafting a melange of sonic textures, drenched in its own unique sensual vibration. Her riveting voice boasts a 4-octave range, elegantly embosoming her musical arrangements in nuanced ways. Her elaborate vocal manifestation juxtaposed with her fierce movement vocabulary, built from years of dancing professionally and performing live in theatre, compliment her captivating stage presence. As a moving image and live performance director, she has worked in a vast range of stage productions and has curated all visual material for her personal musical and performance projects. She is also the founder of community-driven dance music festival Nature Loves Courage, taking place in Sougia, on the southern tip of Crete.